I started pursuing photography as a hobby in January 2018. I began with the purchase of a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera and a couple of online photography classes. I bought the camera because I was interested in getting better pictures of my kids and their activities. Horseback riding and soccer specifically would require more than just the cell phone camera to capture.  I quickly found that I really enjoy capturing interesting natural subjects and began seeking out more opportunities to photograph animals, landscapes and other elements of the outdoor environment.  My regular hiking trips began to take on a new focus.  I started planning my hikes around landmarks I wanted to capture and the likelihood that I’d see wildlife, or have the right light, or possibly be witness to something out of the ordinary.  When I’m not out in the woods the focus of my photography is often divided between my son’s soccer games and my daughter’s horseback riding.  The farm my daughter rides at has also been a great resource for practicing animal photography.  The horses and chickens are some of my favorite subjects and have allowed me ample opportunity to fine tune my camera settings for other more challenging outdoor shots.

Like photography, writing is also a favorite creative outlet of mine.  By describing a natural scene or recounting the details of a small adventure I’m able to share my experiences with others and store them for myself as well. I’m hopeful that this blog will fill in some of the gaps where the pictures leave off and that both complement each other for an enjoyable experience for the reader.